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    Focusing on Brand & Marketing Management for Women Owned Businesses.


    Creating Voice, Value &Vision!


    The reality is, if you are not marketing your business in some way every day, you are already behind. YES...YIKES. I can help you catch up and thrive!


    If you operate a small business and are seeking more attention, great reviews, and higher sales, then you have come to the right place. I know the secrets of marketing!




    It's Simple, Effective, Dynamic Writing to Capture Your Audience. You must know who your audience is first, and know what they want to hear, then you can have an effective message. You cannot be everything to everyone, so focusing on who wants what you have is where the magic is!




    Did you know that you already have your best ambassadors for your business and they want to help... for free! Your current customers are your best customers. A gold mine of marketing is already in the palm of your hand. Nurturing these relationships will give you an automatic referral program if executed properly... I am here to help make that happen!



  • My Services:

    I start with an analysis report of your business and create a marketing roadmap.
    1) Social Media Creation & Management (Facebook, Instagram) 
    2) Social Media & Google Advertising Campaigns & Analytics/Reports.
    3) Content Creation & Email Campaigns 
    4) Graphic Design (logos, signs, brochures, menus, guides, business cards, packaging, presentations, etc.)
    5) Website design, content & hosting
    6) E-Commerce Management (AirBnB, Shopify, etc.)
    7) Merchandising 
    8) Commercial Photography & Video Reels
  • Focusing on Women-Owned Businesses!

    If you are ready to discover what 'more' success looks like in your own business, let's chat about what that may look like and create a plan of action together!


    Who am I? A mom, a wife, a friend, a chocolate connoisseur, an animal lover, and a woman entrepreneur. Although born and raised in Canada, I decided to move to California in my 20s and I began my journey in corporate marketing. Then, after my most important life job, motherhood, I reinvented myself and started a commercial photography studio in San Francisco, CA. I worked as an editorial photographer for some inspiring California magazines and focused on food and product photography. From there, I then created a niche of women empowerment photo sessions. Boudoir and pin-up style photoshoots were the most popular and rewarding. This is where the birth of B-branded Design came into' the picture' and blossomed. Of the many women that I had met, they also owned small businesses. I began to notice a void in the market, marketing for women entrepreneurs!


    Without question, the world is a noisy place and garnering attention for your business is more difficult now than ever before. It can be exhausting, daunting and frustrating. It's ok, I can help! You may be an artist or real estate agent, esthetician, retail shop owner, hotelier, designer, doctor or chef. Whatever your business, you probably do your craft well, but there may not be time or interest in marketing your own brand. This is where I come in!


    I have ever started my own fun side e-commerce business with my digital art.




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