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    voice-value-vision ! separate yourself from the competition

     What is your VOICE-VALUE-VISION?                   

    If you operate a small business and are seeking more attention, great reviews, and higher sales, then you have come to the right place. I know the secrets of marketing.


    If you are not marketing your business in some way-everyday, you are already behind.

    What is your VOICE-VALUE-VISION?

    Are you unique from your competition?

    Do you command attention from customers?

    Do you know your specific demographic?

    Are you ranked well on Trip Advisor, Google, or Facebook?


    Let me help you catch up and help you take the lead over your competition. When your competition takes notice and tries to imitate you, this is a sheer indication of your success.


    Let them try, but only you will know the secrets.

    Business & CONTENT marketing services

    What is Content Marketing?

    It's Simple, Effective, Dynamic Writing

    Social Media Marketing isn't just about posting a pretty photo. You must know who your audience is first, then you can have an effective message.


    1) Social Media Creation, Post Calendar & Management (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube)

    2) Blogs, Newsletters, Email Campaigns & Management (CRM)

    3) Presentations & Business Plans

    4) Graphic Design (logos, signs, brochures, billboards, menus, flyers, business cards, etc.)

    5) Website design and content. (hosting and domain services as well)

    6) E-Commerce set up and management (AirBnB, Shopify)

    7) Merchandising and Design (retail shop merchandising & reorganization for improved sales.

    8) Interior Design for real estate and home)

    9) Advertising for Google, Facebook & Instagram, and Analytics.

    10) Professional Photography & Video

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  • Services & Packages


    1) Social Media Management:  $300/month 

    -One platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok) 

    -2x Weekly (8 Posts/month)  includes Comment & Inbox Management 

    *Social Media Page Set-Up or Revamp: $300 

    *Advertising/Analytics for Google/Facebook Business

    2) Article, Blog Post or Newsletter/Email Campaign

    3) Website design & content

    4) Graphic Design (logos, flyers, business cards, billboard, brochures or menus)

    5) Professional Photography & Video

    6) E-Commerce set up (AirBnB, Shopify, Pinterest, Facebook)

    7) Merchandising and Design (retail shop merchandising & reorganization for improved sales.

    8) Interior Design for real estate and home

    9) Presentations (10 KeyNote or Slideshow)

    10) Business or Marketing Plans (approx 10 pages)

    Package One $1900

    (Perfect for Airbnb, Medical/Dental Clinic, Concierge, Hair/Nail Salon)

    -Website or E-Commerce Set-Up & Design 

    -Two Hours of Professional Photography/Video (includes editing)

    -One Platform Social Media Set-Up (or revamp)
    -Graphic Design (one logo or one brochure)

    Package Two $2900.

    (Retail/Restaurant Business Set-Up)

    -Website or E-Commerce Set-Up & Design

    -Four Hours of Professional Photography/Video (includes editing)

    -Two Platforms Social Media Set-Up (FB/IG)
    -Graphic Design (one logo + brochure or menu)
    -Merchandising (retail shop) or Interior Design
    (Real Estate, Airbnb/B&B, Boutique Hotel)
    Package Add On's:
    Social Media (two platforms): $400 month
    (Facebook & Instagram, 8 Posts/month)
  • about Branded

    Branded will create a marketing advantage over your competition and find solutions to help increase customer acquisitions and profits.

    Without question, the world is a noisy place and garnering attention for your business is more difficult now than ever before. Branded Design offers a global approach to business marketing and brand development. 25 years of experience and employed by prestigious billion dollar corporations and contracting for small independent businesses. I have a vast perspective of a variety of businesses, as well as knowledge on trends in marketing & branding.

    The whole package is right here to take your enterprise to the next level! I will help eliminate your weaknesses with an analytical approach, creating a detailed evaluation on your business. From this evaluation, I will offer to create a marketing advantage over your competition and find solutions to help increase your profits.


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