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    Creating Voice, Value &Vision!


    Did you know that you already have your best ambassadors for your business and they want to help... for free! Your current customers are your best customers. A gold mine of marketing is already in the palm of your hand. Nurturing these relationships will give you an automatic referral program if executed properly... I am here to help make that happen!


    The reality is, if you are not marketing your business in some way every day, you are already behind. YES...YIKES. I can help you catch up and thrive!


    If you operate a small business and are seeking more attention, great reviews, and higher sales, then you have come to the right place. I know the secrets of marketing!


    It's Simple, Effective, Dynamic Writing to Capture Your Audience. You must know who your audience is first, and know what they want to hear, then you can have an effective message. You cannot be everything to everyone, so focusing on who wants what you have is where the magic is!


    You are most likely excelling at your business in many ways, but the reality is; you cannot be everything for your business. When you try to do it ALL, something will fall through the cracks. Social Media is what creates awareness for your business. If you are not familiar with Meta (the backend tool for Facebook & Instagram management) and you have not created a social media calendar, let me show you how effective these tools can be, for the success of your business.

  • My Services:

    It all starts with a strategic plan. I create an analysis report of your business and then we discuss a marketing roadmap for your business.
    1) Social Media Account Set Up & Management (Facebook, Instagram)
    2) Social Media & Google Advertising Campaigns & Analytics/Reports.
    3) Social Media Content Creation
    (posts, stories, reels, links, hashtags)
    4) Media & Graphic Design (logos, signs, brochures, menus, guides, business cards, packaging, presentations, GIFS, etc.)
    5) Website design, content & hosting
    6) E-Commerce Management
    (AirBnB, Shopify, Etsy, etc.)
    7) Retail Merchandising
    8) Commercial Photography & Video Reels
  • Focusing on Women Entrepreneurs!


    Hi, I am Lani Wilson, a business development and social media professional with years of experience working with iconic brands such as Kodak, Marvel Entertainment, Mattel Toys, Motorola and Orion Pictures. My skills and knowledge have helped these companies grow by implementing my marketing and social media strategies. As a Director of Marketing, some of my vast projects included; strategizing advertising campaigns, orchestrating product launches, producing successful influencer programs, creating content: writing/photography/video/graphic and web design.

    Now, I am based in San Miguel de Allende. I am passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive, by utilizing social media to help take their businesses to the next level!


    Without question, the world is a noisy place and garnering attention for your business is more difficult now than ever before. It can be exhausting, daunting and frustrating. It's ok, I can help! You may be an artist or real estate agent, esthetician, retail shop owner, hotelier, designer, doctor, or chef. Whatever your business, you probably do your craft very well, but there may not be time or interest in marketing your own brand. This is where I come in!


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